QuantFACTORY, QuantHouse's automated trading platform, is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to optimize each step of the automated trading development cycle.

The framework's openness and industry standard language utilization enables quant traders, researchers and developers to focus on quickly developing and deploying algorithmic strategies and business development

QuantFACTORY - An end to end solution

QuantFACTORY is a suite of products, designed to efficiently handle the different phases of the trading strategy discovery process, from data capture to strategy development, backtesting and live trading. Its foundation layer, QuantFRAMEWORK, provides a powerful API to build computerized quantitative trading systems that rely on Complex Event Processing. With its plug-in architecture, QuantFACTORY can communicate with market data provider or broker and new plug-ins can easily be written to connect to new providers.

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