Order Routing DMA


QuantLINK Order Routing DMA solutions have been built carefully to achieve the lowest latency possible between QuantHouse hosting racks and the exchanges matching engines. We constantly review and benchmark network devices to upgrade and improve our network designs and leverage the latest devices available. Redundant DMA connectivity is available on all exchanges.

With QuantLINK Order Routing DMA solutions, you can send orders to all exchanges from any of the QuantHouse Point Of Presence.

Choose among the different protocols offered by Exchanges (FIX and Binary protocols) and leverage QuantHouse state of the art network design to send your orders back to the exchanges.

If you are interested in market data access, check out Feed coverage.

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Order Routing coverage



Product Name
Cboe BZX, Cboe EDGX (1009:BZX, 1117:DEX)
Cboe BZX Options (1245:BAT)
Cboe EDGX Options (1246:BAU)
BOX Options (1253:BOX)
Cboe C2 (1249:CBR)
Cboe Futures Exchange (1123:CBE)
Cboe Market Interface (CMI) (1247:CBP)
Chicago group (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) - iLink (1022:CBO, 1027:CME, 1069:NYM, 1141:COM)
ICE Futures EU and US, ICE Futures EU Commodities and Financial Chicago contracts (1041:ICE, 1042:ICU, 1192:ICA, 1205:ICM)
ISE (1250:ISE)
ISE Gemini (1251:ISF)
ISE Mercury (1252:ISG)
MIAX Options (1254:MIA)
NASDAQ Equities US (1063:NAS)
Nasdaq Specialized Quote Interface (SQF) (1256:PHL)
NYSE Arca (1003:ARI)


Product Name
Aquis Exchange (1227:AQU)
Cboe Europe BXE and CXE - Binary Order Entry (BOE) (1007:BAE)
Cboe Europe BXE and CXE - FIX Gateway (1007:BAE)
Cboe Europe BXTR (1211:BTR)
BME MEFF Derivatives (1013:MEF)
BME SIB Equities (1012:BME)
Borsa Italiana Affari Equities - FIX Trading Gateway (1015:AFF)
Borsa Italiana Affari Equities - Native Trading Gateway (1015:AFF)
Borsa Italiana IDEM Derivatives - FIX Trading Gateway (1018:IDM)
Borsa Italiana IDEM Derivatives - Native Trading Gateway (1018:IDM)
Borsa Italiana MOT Bonds - FIX Trading Gateway (1016:MOT)
Borsa Italiana MOT Bonds - Native Trading Gateway (1016:MOT)
Budapest - FIX Gateway (1112:BSE)
Budapest - Xetra Enhanced Trading System (ETS) (1112:BSE)
Eurex - Enhanced Trading Interface (ETI) (1032:EUF)
Eurex - FIX Gateway (1032:EUF)
Euronext Cash - CCG BIN (1034:EUR)
Euronext Cash Market - CCG FIX (1034:EUR)
Euronext Derivatives - CCG BIN (1071:LIR, 1072:LII, 1073:LIC)
Euronext Derivatives - CCG FIX (1071:LIR, 1072:LII, 1073:LIC)
ICE Futures EU Financials (1175:ICL)
JSE Equities (1047:JSE)
Ljubljana Stock Exchange Enhanced Trading System (ETS) (1023:CHX)
LSE - FIX Trading Gateway (1053:LSE, 1054:LEE, 1055:LEI)
LSE - Native Trading Gateway (1053:LSE, 1054:LEE, 1055:LEI)
Moscow Equities (1176:MXE)
Moscow Futures & Options (1160:MXD)
NASDAQ Nordic Derivatives - Genium INET (FIX) (1059:GEN)
NASDAQ Nordic Derivatives - Genium INET (OMnet) (1059:GEN)
NASDAQ Nordic Equity - FIX (1062:TOT)
Nordic Growth Market (1068:NGM)
Oslo Bors Fixed Income and Equities - FIX Trading Gateway (1084:OSL)
Oslo Bors Fixed Income and Equities - Native Trading Gateway (1084:OSL)
Prague - Enhanced Trading System (ETS) (1087:PRG)
Prague - FIX Gateway (1087:PRG)
SIX Swiss Exchange - OUCH Trading Interface (OTI) (1093:SWX)
SIX Swiss Exchange - Standard Trading Interface (STI) (1093:SWX)
Turquoise - FIX Trading Gateway (1098:TRQ)
Turquoise - Native Trading Gateway (1098:TRQ)
Vienna - FIX (1099:VIE)
Vienna - Xetra Enhanced Trading System (ETS) (1099:VIE)
Warsaw SE - CCG BIN (1101:WAR)
Warsaw SE - CCG FIX (1101:WAR)
Xetra - Enhanced Trading System (ETS) (1103:DEE)
Xetra - FIX Gateway (1103:DEE)


Product Name
HKEx Derivatives (1039) (1039:HKD)
HKEx Securities (1038)(1038:HKE)
SGX Singapore Exchange Equities (1091:SGX)
Singapore SE Derivatives (1221:SGY, 1222:SGZ)