Battlefin Discovery Day Miami 2018

We chose to quote the Battlefin webpage, very well written:

Our Discovery Day events focus on alternative data, machine learning & artificial intelligence. We use a one-on-one meeting format. Think speed dating for alpha. Our content and panels showcase alternative data providers & cutting edge topics. So much data, So little time. Here’s how it works: * Alternative Data Providers sponsor tables * Asset Management firms interested in alpha generating investment ideas purchase tickets and meet One-on-One with alternative data providers at their tables * The private one-on-one meetings are pre-planned on a BattleFin online scheduler and last 15 minutes each. Expect 8 to 18 meeting slots. * Depending on the table or ticket level you purchase this will determine how and when your meetings are set up. January 30th 2018 to January 31st 2018