QuantFEED API description:

QuantFeed's API provides an easy way to integrate feed by simplifying development and enriching content, using a subscribe/response mechanism. It offers many functions and tools to help developers, such as signals from the markets on open, suspend or close allowing to start, suspend or stop automatically an automated trading software. CLI (Command Line Interface) tools allow both interactive and batch operations.

QuantFEED API features:

QuantHouse easy to integrate API includes:

  • Full generic publish/subcribe API
  • Entitlements
  • Group subscriptions (batch subscribe)
  • Data accuracy
  • Snapshot data
  • Streaming data (publish / subscribe)
  • Oriented object based messaging
  • C++, .NET, Java and FIX
  • CPU efficient
  • Very high throughput
  • Middleware independent
  • Easy integration & migration
  • Monitoring and maintenance messages
  • Symbology mapping
  • Historical data request (tick by tick or any other frequency)