QuantFEED description:

QuantFEED is the QuantHouse unique end-to-end ultra low latency market data feed fully managed solution with a global Service Level Agreement including hardware, software and telecommunication components.

QuantFEED features

QuantFEED includes the following products and services :

  • QuantHouse exchange DMA connectivity usage to capture data from within the exchange
  • QuantFEED / Full Depth exchange feed
  • QuantHouse Feedhandler usage to standardize data within the exchange
  • QuantHouse global Fiber optic network usage to ensure "speed of light" data distribution
  • QuantHouse Front End usage with publish/subscribe data distribution
  • QuantHouse API usage (C++, C#, Java or FIX)
  • End-to-end support services
  • End-to-end maintenance services
  • End-to-end Service Level Agreement

  • Click here to get the list of available exchanges.