QuantHouse welcomes MarketFactory FX platform onto its qh API Ecosystem Store delivering global access to more than 90 FX destinations through one single API

Providing seamless access to a broad range of FX venues through a single normalised API

London, Paris, Chicago, Sydney, 17th March 2021: QuantHouse, the global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions including innovative market data services, algo trading platform and infrastructure products and part of Iress (IRE.ASX), today announced that in response to increasing demand for access to foreign exchange venues and global exchanges, MarketFactory’s API based solutions are available on the qh API Ecosystem Store.

MarketFactory provides connectivity to more than 90 currency exchanges and liquidity providers allowing both the buy and sell-side to trade the global currency markets.

The $6.6tn-a-day foreign exchange market continues to be increasingly fragmented not just in terms of markets, but also geographies and FX instruments. The MarketFactory approach to aggregation is to provide clients with access to all FX markets, instruments and locations through a single API.

The qh API Ecosystem Store brings together quant traders, products and services using API enabled trading technologies and delivers cross-selling opportunities between ecosystem participants. As a new participant, the extensive range of MarketFactory FX venues can be reached by the QuantHouse community of hedge funds and automated trading financial firms via a single API which reduces the complexity of technology integration.

Salloum Abousaleh, Managing Director - Americas, QuantHouse, said, “Adding MarketFactory to the qh API Ecosystem Store delivers access to all the asset classes a multi-asset trader requires to execute their trading strategies through a single relationship. MarketFactory brings not only access to more than 80 liquidity pools in FX, but also data sources from a majority of the market adding significant value for our community.”

Eugene Markman, COO, MarketFactory, added, “In an increasingly fragmented and electronic world we reduce the cost and complexity of integration, allowing clients to instantly access the entire FX Market. Our API-enabled business model is a natural fit with the QuantHouse approach in delivering a wide breadth of services, products and marketplaces to their end clients. MarketFactory, being an FX focused solution, significantly compliments QuantHouse’s FX coverage.”

About QuantHouse

QuantHouse provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions. This includes ultra low latency market data technologies with QuantFEED, algo-trading development framework with QuantFACTORY and proximity hosting and order routing services with QuantLINK. We help hedge funds, market makers, investment banks, brokers and trading venues achieve optimal trading performance, develop and integrate new trading strategies, comply with regulatory requirements, test existing and new trading infrastructure tools and rationalize operating costs.

The “QuantHouse API Ecosystem” is a unique global initiative with the objective to provide the framework within which capital markets participants can quickly and easily gain access to multiple trading venues, technologies or applications through standard APIs. The QuantHouse API Ecosystem has developed over time to what is now the largest API ecosystem community of buy- and sell-side participants, exchanges, prime brokers, trading venues, hedge funds, market makers and other financial services partners and vendors.

QuantHouse is part of Iress (IRE.ASX), a technology company providing software to the financial services industry. Iress’ software is used by more than 9,000 businesses and 500,000 users globally. More information is available on www.iress.com.

For more information, please visit quanthouse.com, follow us on Twitter @quanthouse or visit our LinkedIn Page.

About MarketFactory

MarketFactory is a technology provider of currency trading software to the financial markets. Delivered via its low-latency cloud, MarketFactory’s software-as-a-service API normalizes over 90 foreign exchange venues while reducing pre-trade risk. MarketFactory has offices in New York City, London and Singapore. For more information, please visit marketfactory.com.