QuantHouse on-boards Fenics USTreasuries

Delivering access to the $500+ billion daily turnover of the US cash treasury market via the qh API Ecosystem

London, 12 February 2019: QuantHouse, the leading independent global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions including innovative market data services, algo trading platform and infrastructure solutions, today announced direct access to the Fenics USTreasuries (“Fenics UST”) platform through the FeedOS API and QuantLINK global network.

Fenics UST is a fully electronic US Government securities trading venue owned and operated by BGC Financial, L.P. Fenics UST provides buy-side participants with access to cash treasuries via two electronic marketplaces: a Central Limit Order Book designed for low latency quantitative and systematic traders and a “Block Book” designed for large institutional investors. Operating 23 hours a day, the Fenics UST platform improves transparency and minimizes execution costs by reducing tick sizes down to 1/16 of a thirty-second, allowing Fenics UST to provide tighter bid-ask spreads.

QuantHouse’s buy-side clients now have quick and streamlined access to normalized real-time and historical data to trade the US cash treasuries market. QuantHouse’s data normalization and global infrastructure connects clients to Fenics UST and more than 145 exchanges from any point of presence, in one protocol, through one API.

Salloum Abousaleh, Managing Director, Americas, said, “Much like other asset classes, the US cash treasuries market is moving towards more electronically traded products. Fenics UST provides a new source of rich data and an entry point into the world of USTs, opening up a previously inaccessible market to today’s buy-side participants who require greater transparency and robustness. These technology-savvy investors value data quality, streamlined integration and speed, which our two organizations strive to provide.”

Rich Winter, Senior Managing Director, Fenics USTreasuries, comments, “Fenics USTreasuries is pleased to be connected to QuantHouse’s market-leading offering. The global reach of QuantHouse’s platform and delivery of state-of-the-art data and API functionality enhances Fenics UST’s offering of fully electronic global access to the US cash treasuries market for all institutional traders. Our newly launched joint initiative will help to modernize the trading experience for all players in the cash UST marketplace.”

About QuantHouse QuantHouse provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions. This includes ultra-low latency and consolidated market data solutions with QuantFEED, algo-trading development framework with QuantFACTORY and proximity hosting and order routing services with QuantLINK.

We help hedge funds, market makers, investment banks, brokers and trading venues achieve optimal trading performance, develop and integrate new trading strategies, comply with regulatory requirements, test existing and new trading infrastructure tools and rationalize operating costs.

The QuantHouse API Ecosystem store is a unique global initiative with the objective to provide the framework within which capital markets participants can quickly and easily gain access to multiple trading venues, technologies or applications through standard APIs. The QuantHouse API Ecosystem store has developed over time to what is now the largest API ecosystem community of buy- and sell-side participants, exchanges, prime brokers, trading venues, hedge funds, market makers and other financial services partners and vendors.

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About Fenics USTreasuries Since its inception in 2004 BGC Partners (“BGCP”) has expanded rapidly through large scale internal technology investments, a redeployment of its traditional global voice brokerage franchise, and an ongoing series of international and regional industry acquisitions. Providing multi-channel brokerage services since the emergence of its original parent Cantor Fitzgerald in 1945. BGCP’s technical foundation was sparked in 1998 by the in-house creation and build of the renowned eSpeed system which became the foundation of the current BGC Trader platform. On June 28, 2013, BGC sold its eSpeed business to Nasdaq, Inc. for $1.2 billion, while maintaining the right to use technology developed for eSpeed. BGC’s Financial Services revenues have nearly quadrupled from 2004 to 2017. In keeping with this steady expansion, BGCP has bolstered its set of available execution methods to include fully electronic CLOB (via FIX or native API and GUI), named and unnamed RFQ, multiple forms of auction, hybrid interaction with many of our more than 2,600 brokers and salespeople, and pure voice arrangement. Throughout the financial world, the acceleration of regulatory reform is transforming market practices and through linking a wide variety of market communities Fenics will become the carrier of BGCP’s firm-wide and world-wide liquidity.

For more information, please visit: www.fenics.com.