Professional services

What is today's challenge ?

Quantitative trading technologies appear to be the new force in the market. The growth in electronic based trading environments has led to exponentially increasing volume in financial markets. This has created new profitable trading opportunities in these markets. The quantitative trading firms who design the appropriate trading models, backed by reliable low latency market data feeds will the first to profit from these opportunities.

The challenge is to be able to understand these opportunities, select the right technology and be the first to implement models to take advantage of these opportunities.

Why QuantHouse is your partner of choice :

As a market leader of systematic trading solutions, the QuantHouse professional services team brings considerable domain knowledge and technology expertise to each QuantHouse implementation. With systematic trading solutions deployed in some of the world’s largest and most demanding financial organizations, you are assured that QuantHouse has the resources to help you leverage the fabulous power of systematic trading.

QuantHouse end-to-end solution :

Through a proof of concept, training sessions or development coaching, QuantHouse professional services has the right answer to help your organization leap through the "Quantum Gap". Contact QuantHouse for more information.