The company

About QuantHouse:

Founded in 2005, QuantHouse is the global leader in end-to-end systematic trading solutions. QuantHouse has been created by a group of managers, IT experts and Quant Traders coming from the hedge fund community and sharing the same idea: technology and finance are merging and the “silicon trader “ will over take the “human being” trader. The vision of the company is to help financial firms to take the lead by providing ready-to-use systematic trading solutions to relieve of long and costly home-made R&D.

Our main focus:

  • Ultra Low Latency Market Data technologies,
  • Algo Trading Strategies development framework,
  • Infrastructure solutions including proximity hosting and Market Data Storage & Replay
  • Professional consulting services.

Vision and Mission Statement:

There is an ongoing evolution in the way the financial community is trading since the first exchanges went fully electronic in the 90's. More than a decade ago, full end-to-end automatic financial processes like electronic trading, black box trading, algorithmic trading, automatic execution engines, direct market data feeds were concepts that few financial experts were working on.

Quantitative trading technologies appear to be the new forces of the market and the exponentially increasing volume in financial markets that are moving towards electronic based trading environments has led to the growth in the opportunity set available for program trading firms.

Our mission is to help customers going through this “Quantum Gap” using QuantHouse End-to-End systematic trading solutions.


QuantHouse provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions. This includes ultra low latency market data technologies, algo-trading development framework, proximity hosting and order routing services; to help hedge funds, market makers, proprietary desks and latency sensitive sell side firms to take the lead.