ARE YOU READY ? : Algorithmic trading tools are here to stay

Humans still play a crucial role in the world of trading but make no mistake, Artificial Intelligence, automatic trading, Machine Learning, APIs and other new technologies are available to assist and replace non value added services once performed by humans. Together with trading performance, new algo trading technologies offer a wealth of additional benefits such as cost optimization, better risk control and enable faster time to market.


QuantHouse is an independent firm pioneering the design and delivery of advanced API algo trading solutions to many buy side, sell side, exchanges and financial technology providers. For more than 15 years, QuantHouse has delivered innovative technologies to help hedge funds, market makers, investment banks, brokers and trading venues achieve optimal trading performance, develop and integrate new trading strategies, comply with regulatory requirements, test existing and new trading infrastructure tools and rationalise their operating costs. Being part of Iress (IRE.ASX), the group provides advanced trading technology solutions to more than 9,000 financial businesses and 500,000 users globally.


QuantHouse provides high performance API-based end-to-end systematic trading solutions allowing clients to improve any components of their algo trading infrastructure for optimized trading results:

QuantFEED : is a set of API-based market data solutions covering a broad range of asset classes, including ultra-low latency market data technologies, conflated data feeds, order book consolidation, historical data, analytics, publication tools and end of day data services

QuantFACTORY : is a multi asset class algo-trading development framework offering financial institutions a complete set of tools for quantitative trading strategies development, optimization, backtesting and trading

QuantLINK: is a set of global trading infrastructure services including proximity and co-lo hosting, raw market data, order routing services with direct market access and connectivity as well as time sourced synchronization services.

API Ecosystem store : The “QuantHouse API Ecosystem store” is a unique global initiative providing access for QuantHouse clients to a diverse range of trading solutions such as OMS, risk management, trading systems and many more. All solutions are available as managed services via API delivery for rapid and cost effective results. The QuantHouse API Ecosystem has been developed over time to what is now the largest API ecosystem community of buy- and sell-side participants, exchanges, prime brokers, trading venues, hedge funds, market makers and other financial services partners and vendors.


QuantHouse provides high performance API-based end-to-end systematic trading tools to many buy side, sell side, exchanges and financial technology providers such as DV Trading, Euronext, Goldman Sachs, Jane Street, London Stock Exchange Turquoise, Quest Partners, Virtu Financial, WH Trading and many more.

Just google our client name and QuantHouse to get access to the press release with more details. You can also contact us directly to understand how we can help you!


March 3, 2020

QuantHouse wins Best Technology for Quant Trading at the Fund Intelligence Tech & WSL Awards 2020 [read more]

February 26, 2020

QuantHouse wins Best Low-Latency Data Feed - Direct award at the 2020 A-Team TradingTech ceremony [read more]

December 10, 2019

QuantHouse onboards cash cryptocurrency data via DVeX [read more]


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